Madárka (Little Birdie)

from by Andrea Gerák



Concert improvisation at Symmetry Festival 2003 in Budapest, based on an old Hungarian folk song from Moldavia.


"This composition and performance is quite unique. The music is traditional, yet progressive, complex yet beautifully simple. An awesome, nearly unbelievable voice, harmonizing with drifting, choir-like echoes." -BeSonic

" 'Very filmic' . This reminds me of Lisa Gerrard's vocal work with Hans Zimmer for the film "Gladiator". If I didn't know it was Hungarian, I would assume it was probably Arabic -- it has the same sort of melodic fluidity and almost arrhythmic structure of the Arabic music I'm familiar with. Now I'm going to go off and wonder if there's any cultural cross-pollination between Eastern European and Middle Eastern music....oh, yes, by the way, this is a wonderful piece of music and you should buy it. Now." - BeSonic


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Madárka, madárka,
Áraszd meg a vizet,
Áraszd meg a vizet,
Hadd írjak levelet!

Apámnak, s anyámnak,
Szűbeli mátkámnak,
Hadd tudják meg ők es,
Kihez adtak engem.

Hatökrös gazdának,
Hatökrös gazdának,
Nagy lovaskatonának.


Little birdie, little birdie,
Make the waters flood,
Make the waters flood,
So that I can write a letter.

To my father 'n to my mother,
To my sweetheart,
So that they find out to whom
They have given me.

To a farmer with six oxen,
To a trooper,
To a farmer with six oxen,
To a great trooper.


from Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird), released May 10, 2006
Traditional Hungarian folk song
Andrea Gerak: vocals
Sándor Fekete-Kiss: synths


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Andrea Gerák Budapest, Hungary

In many corners of the world, the name and of course, first of all the voice of Andrea Gerak (Gerák) equals Hungarian folk song. Through Irish, Turkish, Bulgarian and other traditional songs, she takes the listener to other lands as well, even to such exotic places as the Solomon Islands, with traditional, acapella or world fusion interpretations. ... more

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